Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some people come to visit and end up staying....

This evening I took John Thomas to the library for our weekly trip to pick up new books for summer reading. Myles was supposed to go but his sudden "potty mouth" and inability to drop his new found fascination with bathroom humor (i.e. any reference to bottoms, farting, etc...) resulted in him staying home with his grandmother and little brothers.

He stomped up the stairs screaming that I was horrible and mean and nobody loved him and he was just going to have to run away. I apologized to my mother who was not feeling 100% but she assured me that this was a lesson that needed to be learned and besides, it wasn't like I was not going to pick up any books for Myles at the library.

I left feeling confident that Myles would eventually calm down (he's prone to very dramatic and lengthy outbursts about all of the suffering he must endure) and enjoyed the time I was able to spend with John Thomas, who received his own library card this evening.

I was welcomed back home by a sweet little boy asking if I had picked up books for him and who was pleased with the exception of one choice which he felt was dark and scary and would best be read accompanied by a bowl of ice cream.

After putting all the boys to bed I asked my mother how Myles behaved while I was gone. She smiled and started to laugh as she explained that Myles was still pretty upset when I left and when she tried to talk to him he took out his frustration on her by telling her that "some people come to visit....and end up staying." It helps to know that my mother came out in July of last year to help me with the kids since Jax was arriving in September. Due to unforseen circumstances she has been with us for the past year. While I have loved having her with me and enjoyed watching her spend time with the boys, Myles obviously felt that she had overstayed her welcome. My mother being the woman that she is, took it all in stride and told Myles that she loved him no matter what and that if he wasn't careful she might never leave.

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