Saturday, September 26, 2009

Clever quips from Myles today

Myles has had quite the day for clever comebacks.

Coming back from the park, Hunter asked Myles for some water. After Myles gave him a sip and Hunter gave the water back to him, Hunter said "thank you mama". Offended, Myles asked Hunter if he looked like he had boobs because only mama has boobs.

Over dinner, I told him to hold his breath because he had hiccups and he looked at me like I had grown a 2nd head. "Are you trying to kill me mom because I'm pretty sure if I hold my breath I will die". I explained that sometimes holding your breath can help but suggested he try standing on his head to see how he would respond. Not missing a beat he replied..."but I'm eating pizza and if I eat my pizza upside down it will end up in my brain and not my tummy."

Having ordered 3 large pizzas for dinner tonight I noticed that there were only about 7 slices left so I made sure to tell the boys not to eat any more pizza so that there is some left for their dad when he gets home this evening. Myles turned to me and said "We're growing boys mom and we've got to eat. Dad is done growing and he can get by on less."

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  1. I can use this when people ask how I can keep my figure