Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stats & Updates

Phi Gamma Tan recently celebrated Jackson's first birthday and as a result there was a trip to see Dr. Kathy for 1 year shots + the flu shot. We adore our pediatrician who weighs and measures the boys and simply shakes her head. Since Jax was getting his stats done, we went ahead and measured and weighed the other boys so for those keeping track, here goes....

John Thomas
7 years, 9 months: 4'10" / 100lbs

5 years, 10 months: 4'1" / 65lbs

2 years, 5 months: 3'2" / 40 lbs

1 year: 2'6" / 24 lbs

Jax should be bulking up in accordance with the Phi Gamma Tan tradition but Dr. Kathy shared that with him being in the 90th percentile for height he's not likely to be our shortest. The odds on who will wear that moniker currently go to Myles who is projected to be about 6'4".

John Thomas and Myles are the tallest boys / kids in their class but unlike Myles, John Thomas is almost as tall as his teacher.

Hunter is tracking larger than John Thomas at the same age and with Jax turning 1, the Tan kitchen is now up to 6 gallons of milk a week; 7 if pancakes are served more than once during the week.

With the exception of Jax who I believe is going to have Timugen's build, all boys are solid and muscular.

John Thomas enjoys swimming competitively for SOBA and in November will be joining the Redondo Beach Youth Basketball League for Fall/Winter Ball. His father recently clocked him doing a 1/4 mile in 2:38, which I'm told was pretty good.

John tried to clock Myles but halfway through Myles began to sing and dance his way around the track and through the soccer field. Focus is not one of Myles' key attributes currently but he's working on it.

Hunter has picked up a football recently and enjoys throwing it at anyone who he thinks will play catch.

Jax, who has manged to fool everyone into thinking that he's the sweet, quiet and docile Tan, has the strongest grip of any of the boys at his age and can bring Hunter to tears when he won't let go of a toy that Hunter thinks should belong to him.

Happy & Healthy at Phi Gamma Tan and all's well.

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