Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bathroom Doors & Privacy

Living with 5 boys, privacy is a rare commodity. 2 year olds think that if the water is running in the shower, then they should automatically be included in the activity. A closed bathroom door does not yet translate to "knock, do not enter until given permission" for a 5 year old. Instead a closed bathroom door is usually opened, accompanied by "What are you doing?" As if there are tons of options for bathroom activity......

But the one that gets me is the open bathroom door when the boys are peeing. No matter how many times I have yelled, encouraged or cajoled to get that door closed, it stays open. Whether it's my imagination or reality, the sound ricochets throughout the house, making it sound like a cow pissin on a rock, as my mother would say.

Whenever I protest this action, I get the same response..."but mom, we're just peeing. it's not that big of a deal" or "we close the door when we poop, isn't that good enough?" Going to John for assistance with this is futile as I have come to realize that the open door while peeing is genetic, permanently mutated into the XY chromosome.

Luckily the open door policy only seems to apply to home. Raising boys I must learn to pick my battles and I've discovered that this battle is more challenging than others so I will retreat for now...but the war is not over.

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